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In an effort to assist my clients with their legal needs I am posting forms on my website to assist my clients with those legal needs. If you look to the right you will see different topics. Within each topic you will find forms related to that topic. As time goes on I will be adding additional forms by topic. If you think that there is a form that will be helpful for us to include then please let us know.

For all initial consultations we have the clients complete a client information form. Much like when you go to your doctor for a doctor’s visit where you are asked to complete a questionnaire for your treating physician we ask that you complete a similar questionnaire prior to the initial client meeting. The purpose of the questionnaire is to help us track the clients with whom we meet. This is especially important for determining future conflicts of interest. In order to determine whether or not we have a conflict of interest with any new client we need to know who we have visited with in the past. Moreover it is important for us to know how to reach clients in order to effectively assist them with their legal needs. For these reasons we ask that the clients complete an initial client questionnaire prior to our first meeting. Below you will find that questionnaire. To the extent possible we ask that you print out this questionnaire and complete it in advance of our meeting.

Client Information Form

Bankruptcy Forms

Real Estate

The forms below are intended to be used for general discussion purposes only. You are strongly encouraged to seek the advice of an attorney as to the adequacy and appropriateness of the use of the forms found below. If you choose not to consult with an attorney then you are relying on your own independent judgment as to the appropriateness and adequacy of the below forms for your given situation or circumstance.

Mortgage Distress

Debt Collection

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