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Tenant Lawyer Serving San Diego

I am a landlord tenant lawyer that has experience representing both landlords and tenants in disputes involving tenancy. The majority of the landlord/tenant work that I have done involved landlord representation. Although the majority of my landlord/tenant cases involve representation of the landlord I occasionally get involved in representing tenants.


I assist owners of a single-family residence, strip mall, office building, industrial complex, or other types of properties to tenants in resolving landlord/tenant disputes. Most landlord/tenant disputes involve the nonpayment of money. To this end landlords are concerned with two things: (1) Recapturing possession of the property and (2) Recovering monetary damages. I can be of assistance in doing both. My 20+ years of experience working in collections has proven useful in assisting clients to recover money.


Most recently I have received a lot of calls from clients who are tenants in single-family residences displaced by foreclosure. If you are a tenant in a property where the property has recently been the subject of a foreclosure you may have rights concerning your tenancy. Posted within this website is an article addressing homeowner rights when the landlord has lost their property to foreclosure. The article addresses the 2009 law entitled The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009.

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