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Contractor Dispute Attorney

Contractor disputes are a common occurrence in our society. Frequently a homeowner or business owner will hire a contractor to do a room addition, landscaping, remodel, etc. Thereafter the property owner is confronted with substantial cost overruns or a situation where the contractor abandons the project altogether. Contractors are notorious for asking property owners for an upfront deposit and depositing and commingling that deposit in their general fund rather than holding it in trust for the cost of labor and materials associated with the property owner’s project. Contractors frequently find themselves running out of money having used their client’s money to cover operating expenses and then when it comes time to work using money to cover the materials and/or labor towards the client’s project the contractor finds themselves without the money. Thereafter the client’s project gets delayed and sometimes abandoned altogether because of lack of financing. In such cases, it is advisable to hire and consult a construction dispute lawyer.

Contractors are also notorious for disregarding California’s Licensing Requirements. Often people hire unlicensed contractors to perform work and to discover that the work does not comply with local permitting or the contractors do the work without first procuring the appropriate permits and consulting local ordinances. The property owners are then surprised to discover that the construction that was performed on their property is not up to code. If this sounds familiar then I can be of assistance. Feel free to give me a call. My initial consultation for such matters is generally free of charge.

If you need any further help from a construction dispute lawyer, contact Jon Alan Enochs for a phone consultation.

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