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Consumer Protection Lawyer in La Mesa Serving San Diego County

California is one of the most consumer friendly states in the country. There are many consumer protection laws, both state and federal, that apply to numerous business transactions between business and consumers. As a consumer protection lawyer, Jon Alan Enochs offers the following services:

Just to name a few.

Many of these consumer protection laws have statutory attorney fees provisions[*], statutory damage provisions, and/or otherwise entitle the consumer to recover their actual damages. These provisions provide the consumer with the opportunity to take up any grievance they may have with the business community within the courts without spending large sums of money on lawyers. Much of the time the consumer attorneys cover their attorney’s fees from the offending business. So if you are a consumer and you feel you have been wronged by a business entity with regard to a particular transaction you do not have to go broke in addressing your grievance with this business. If you feel that you have been wronged by your lender, by a debt collector, by a credit repair organization, real estate professional, auto dealership, or other business entity then please give me a call. My initial phone consultation is usually free of charge. Unfortunately, many consumer protection statutes have a very short window of opportunity for the consumer to address their grievances within the court system. Some of these time limitations can be as short as one year. Consequently, if you are a consumer and you believe that you have been harmed by a business organization then I strongly encourage you to act quickly and to not sit on your rights. The longer you wait the greater the risk that your claim may become subsequently time-barred. To learn more about different areas of consumer protection click on the subject lines to your right.

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