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Consumer Protection Attorney Serving San Diego

What is a consumer? A consumer is somebody utilizing services or purchasing goods for personal or household use. If your client base is comprised of consumers then you need to be aware of the consumer protection laws having to do with your business. A consumer law dispute attorney is helpful in determining whether consumer protection laws have been violated. Most businesses that fail to comply with these laws can and likely will at some point find themselves being sued for failure to comply with these consumer protection laws. Most of this consumer protection laws contain statutory attorney fees provisions. That means if you are sued by one of your clients for failing to comply with a consumer protection law then you can be held responsible for reimbursing your client for the amount of attorney fees he incurs in prosecuting his claim.

These consumer protection laws should not be taken lightly. When a business is sued for violating a consumer protection law it usually involves some sort of technical argument. What is most unfortunate for business is that consumer protection statutes are liberally construed and any narrow construction of the law by the business to circumvent the application of the law is disfavored by the courts.

I have experience prosecuting and defending these types of claims. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a claim alleging noncompliance with some law regulating your business activity having to do with consumers then I can be of assistance. If you find yourself in a dispute involving consumer law, contact Jon Alan Enochs for a consultation.

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