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San Diego Business Litigation Attorney

Business litigation attorney Jon Alan Enochs brings practical wisdom based on actual business experience and years of representing business owners in San Diego. If you are involved in a contract dispute, an allegation of unfair business practices, or a dispute among business partners, let Jon Alan Enochs guide you to an efficient and effective resolution that meets your needs and achieves your objectives in the most practical and wisest manner from a business perspective.

Business litigation refers to disputes that involve a business that find its way into the courtroom. The types of business litigation that I handle involve the following:

Breach of Contract Disputes

As a business owner, every interaction you have with your customers, employees, vendors, suppliers, advertisers and others is based in contract. Whether written or oral, express or implied, the terms of a contract set out each party’s rights and obligations regarding payment and performance. Contract disputes may arise out of one party’s unwillingness or inability to perform, or from a disagreement over the proper interpretation of contract terms and conditions. As an experienced business law attorney, Jon Alan Enochs steps in at the earliest stage to understand and resolve the dispute as efficiently and effectively as possible, laying out the best alternatives and approaches that make the most sense from a business perspective.

Business Torts

Even without a contractual relationship between the parties, business disputes may still arise which require formal legal intervention to resolve. These include complaints from competitors or members of the public alleging fraud, unfair business practices, deceptive or unlawful trade practices, unfair competition, false advertising, and the like. Business tort claims can include claims for money damages which far exceed most contract-based disputes. It is important to address business tort litigation with a strategic eye toward risk management, loss mitigation, and the wisdom of pursuing litigation versus other available alternatives. Jon Alan Enochs provides this level of advice and representation to help achieve a resolution that makes sense and protects your vital business interests.

Ownership Disputes

People go into business together with the best of intentions, but disputes inevitably arise, and unless steps were taken at the outset to form the business entity carefully and correctly, protracted litigation is often the result when the parties cannot seem to resolve their differences. Emotions may run high in partnership and ownership disputes; Jon Alan Enochs help you understand the issues from a business perspective and carefully evaluate the business wisdom of any particular approach you may take to resolve the dispute. When litigation is not the best means for resolution, you can count on us to advise you of better alternatives.

Sometimes parties enter into an informal partnership with no agreement, or they form a business structure such as a corporation or LLC without legal assistance and without paying attention to following the necessary corporate formalities. Rather than shielding themselves from liability, the owners of these “mom and pop corporations” run the risk of being found to be the alter ego of the company, allowing litigants to pierce the corporate veil and hold them personally liable for acts of the business entity. We can help you form your entity correctly from the start, or resolve disputes in the most practical and efficient manner.

Solve Your Business Dispute with Practical Wisdom from a Business-Minded Perspective

Business disputes can be resolved informally through discussion and negotiation, or they can be decided in the courts following a period of formal litigation. Jon Alan Enochs approaches every business dispute from a business perspective and explores the practical and economic wisdom of the various approaches to resolution. If you are faced with a business dispute in the greater San Diego area, contact Jon Alan Enochs at 619-421-3956 to schedule a confidential consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced business litigation attorney.

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