Jon Alan Enochs

Jon Alan Enochs

I primarily practice law in the area of civil litigation. I represent clients with: Collection problems; business disputes; real estate disputes; and financial institutions in the defense of consumer protection lawsuits.

I have been practicing law since 1999. Prior to practicing law I had a career in banking. I worked for such companies as General Electric Capital Corporation, National Enterprises, Inc., Bank of America, and West Capital Financial Corporation.

I attended San Diego State University wherein I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (Finance) in 1990. Thereafter, I entered the finance and banking industry. While working in the banking industry I attended law school at night. In 1999 I earned my law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. I passed the California State Bar exam that same year.

I am involved in my community. I have been involved in such civic organizations as the Rotary and Kiwanis clubs. Presently, I am actively involved with Little League wherein I manage a Little League team.

Jon Alan Enochs: A Closer Look

I have 20 years experience dealing in matters having to do with: Real Estate; Bankruptcy; Credit; Collections; Business Matters; and other Civil Litigation.

In 1990 I graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (Finance) where I studied Finance and Accounting. At the time I had graduated from San Diego State University our Country was going through a recession similar to what we are experiencing today. It used to be that if you wanted to pursue a career in Banking, San Diego was the place to be. Back in the 1980s, San Diego had two of the Nation’s three largest Savings and Loans located right here in San Diego. We had Great American Savings and Loan and Home Federal Savings and Loan. Both headquartered here in San Diego. During the late 1980s our Country began to experience something called the Savings and Loan Crisis. Savings and Loans were making real estate secured loans where the borrowers were not making the payments. This is a similar environment that our Country finds itself in today. Home Federal Savings and Loan and Great American Savings and Loan are no longer in business. Consequently when I graduated from San Diego State University it was a bad time to pursue a career in Banking. With a Bachelors Degree in Finance, career opportunities for a new graduate were scarce. However due to the economic climate of the Country at the time, I decided pursue a career in credit and collections after my graduation from San Diego State. For 4 years I worked in the Banking Industry in the area of credit and collections. During this period of time I was largely responsible for hiring lawyers on behalf of my employing bank for the purpose of suing borrowers for non-payment on their loans. Many of these loans were real estate secured. It was through this experience of hiring and working with lawyers that I developed an appreciation of what qualities a lawyer should have and what characteristics they should not have. Through this experience of hiring lawyers and working with lawyers I had developed the belief that law firms should incorporate as part of their practice a component of customer service. I was on the receiving end of both. I had the opportunity to witness first hand these characteristics demonstrated by lawyers that I favored and disfavored. Consequently I strive to incorporate the lawyer qualities that I favored into my practice and I strive to insure that none of the disfavored attributes find their way into my law practice.

In 1994 I took a position with an investment banking firm. This investment banking firm was not the conventional stereotypical Wall Street investment firm. Essentially the organization I worked for was a debt buyer. Due to the Savings and Loans Crisis the Resolution Trust Corporation and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation sold hundreds of thousands of loans in the secondary market. Many of these loans were real estate secured loans. Here I would perform due diligence on portfolios of loans for the purpose of valuing the portfolio for purchase. After the purchase of the portfolio I then was responsible for collecting the money. Here again in my efforts to collect money from non-paying borrowers I would hire legal counsel for purposes of suing borrowers for non-payment on their debts. It was during my tenure at this investment firm that I attended law school in the evenings. I worked by day as an investment banker and attended law school at night. In 1999 I graduated from Law School and in that same year I passed the California State Bar Exam.

After graduating from Law School and passing the Bar Exam and went into private practice. In private practice I immediately began representing debt buyers, collection agencies, lenders, and other similar organizations in matters involving credit and collections. In my experience as an attorney I have sued many borrowers for non-payment on bills for not paying on their loans. I have had direct experience suing borrowers for non-payment on auto loans, home loans, credit cards, and other types of debt (both consumer and commercial). I had represented institutions with these types of collections up until 1998. At which point my practice started representing more and more consumer clients. In 2008 I began representing more and more consumer clients. I am also actively involved in the community. I volunteer a significant amount of my time counseling home owners experiencing Mortgage Distress. I do this through an organization called Community Housing Works. Community Housing Works is a non-profit organization that assists homeowners and other people with regard to housing related issues. Community Housing Works periodically provide homeowners with free clinics where they can come in and talk to a lawyer free of charge about housing related legal issues. I periodically volunteer at these clinics.

In addition to volunteering with the Community Housing Works, I also volunteer with Little League Baseball. I have two sons who are actively involved in baseball. Here through Little League Baseball I manage in any given Little League Baseball season; I volunteer and manage one or more Little League Baseball teams.

My life experience has provided me with a vast amount of experience dealing with real estate secured loan transactions including foreclosure. I understand the legal rights and obligation both incident to a real estate secured loan and incident to a foreclosure. It was when I started having some of the parents of the players on my Little League Teams and even some of my coaching staff coming to me and sharing stories about their experiences incident to their Mortgage Distress that I had an epiphany.

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